TIBQ25504 Ultra-Low Power Energy Harvesting Battery Boost Converter Design Solution

TI’s BQ25504 is a latest integrated nanometer intelligent energy harvesting power management solution, which is very suitable for ultra-low power consumption applications with special needs. This product is specifically designed to efficiently capture and manage microwatts and milliwatts of electricity, typically from a variety of photovoltaic solar DC sources or thermal motor generators. The BQ25504 Continue reading

Eighteen years of silicon carbide layout how ON Semiconductor changes the future of chips

“Silicon carbide (SiC), also known as wide-bandgap semiconductor, has larger band gap, higher breakdown field strength, higher thermal conductivity, stronger radiation resistance, and higher frequency than elemental semiconductors (such as silicon). Can be used for high temperature, high frequency, anti-radiation and high power devices. “ In the financial report for the first quarter of 2022, Continue reading

Z16FMC Microcontroller Based on Three Phase Hall Sensor Brushless DC Driver

“This application note describes the Z16FMC microcontroller used as a three-phase Hall sensor brushless DC driver. The microcontroller features an on-chip integrated application array using a multi-motor development kit that provides fast and precise fault control, as well as high system efficiency and easy customization of application firmware development. “ This application note describes the Continue reading

Selling 60% of the equity for 1.97 billion yuan, Zhongxin Wafer may sprint for IPO

Foreword: In this context, Ferrotec, which produces semiconductor materials and equipment components in Japan, chose to continue to invest in high-level equipment in China. The company believes that Sino-US frictions are likely to become long-term. 60% stake sold for 1.97 billion Ferrotec Holdings, a Japanese semiconductor silicon wafer factory, announced the sale of its Chinese Continue reading