Ams’ award-winning accolade adds to its many endorsements for innovative design and commercial success

China, February 8, 2021 – ams AG (SIX: AMS), the world’s leading supplier of high-performance sensor solutions, today announced that ams has won the Internet of Things award for the AS7038RB. IoT Breakthrough Award in the Wearables Innovation category. The AS7038RB is an ultra-thin sensor that provides blood oxygen monitoring in earbuds, patches, and other wearables. The sensor’s small size and high level of integration allow it to be used in space-constrained designs, as well as innovative implementations that provide flexibility for a variety of applications. The sensor was also successfully shortlisted at the recently held Sensors Expo 2020.

Wim Renirie, Vice President and General Manager of the Accessories and Wearables Solutions business unit at ams, said: “The launch of the AS7038RB marks another breakthrough in remote diagnostics technology from ams. The AS7038RB provides an auxiliary diagnostic tool without the need for Medical staff can safely and accurately monitor blood oxygen saturation using wearable and disposable devices.”

The AS7341L spectral sensor, another well-known product from ams, was nominated in the Technology Innovation Award category at the recent 2020 China Internet of Things Innovation Awards ceremony. With this product, ams has also received funding from the Austrian government to accelerate the development of a highly sensitive and accurate cloud-connected lateral tomography test (LFT) with a digital readout for the fight against SARS-CoV- 2 (COVID-19) virus.

Multiple awards for outstanding business and financial performance, talent acquisition and diversity landscape

ams is also widely recognized for its outstanding business performance. The company was awarded the 2019 Corporate Finance Award (Boersen Zeitung/pwc) for the acquisition of OSRAM Licht AG. Not only that, but ams jumped to 32nd in the Financial Times 2021 Global Diversity Leaders Survey, a large European-wide study on company diversity, reflecting ams Smithsonian semiconductor‘s efforts in recruiting talents, inclusiveness, and continuous strengthening of global collaboration.

At the same time, company executives also stood out and earned accolades – Ms. Jennifer Zhao, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Optical Sensors at ams, was named “Woman of the Year” at Questex’s Sensor Innovation Week.

In addition, the company was nominated for the GSA’s 2020 Semiconductor Company Award for Best Financial Management (in the $1 billion+ revenue category), and has won several awards in Austria for its business reputation and talent acquisition, including: Statistica’s “Trend” magazine Best Employers in Austria 2020; Austria’s Leading Employers Award 2020 by Institute of Research & Data Aggregation GmbH; Best Employers in Styria 2019 by Market Institute GmbH Linz (key performance category); and Die Presse Award for Leading Company in Styria, Austria (2nd place in the international category).

Additional ams accolades for innovative sensor design

Sensors and modules developed by ams for smartphone cameras raise the bar for on-screen Display and picture quality, and OLED under-screen solutions enable smartphone manufacturers to increase the percentage of available display without compromising performance. At the same time, 3D technology brings many new opportunities for safe and convenient access for commercial and industrial applications.

Some of the awards received by ams in 2020 include:

The TCS3408 enables smartphone camera imaging systems to accurately measure and eliminate ambient light flicker in all lighting conditions:

2020 Worldwide Electronics Achievement Awards (WEAA) (Product of the Year category), hosted by AspenCore

The TMF8801 supports laser-detected autofocus for smartphone cameras, enabling accurate targeting and distance measurement even with dirty coverslips:

Artificial Intelligence Award (Outstanding Product Application in the Artificial Intelligence Industry), hosted by OFweek China

2020 China Internet of Things Innovation Award, hosted by Electronic Enthusiasts Network

The TCS3701 can perform sensor operation under the OLED display to measure the front-facing ambient light and proximity sensing of smartphones to maximize display size:

Finalist: Electronics of the Year 2020, hosted by Elektronik Magazin

Electronics Industry Awards 2020 (Display Category), hosted by Datateam Business Media and CIE Magazine

The TMD3719 light sensing/proximity/light source flicker detection sensor can be placed under the OLED screen, so it can support OEM design of borderless full-screen smartphones, and maximize the screen-to-body ratio of smartphones:

Finalist: Sensors Expo 2020 (mobile category).

The MERANO-PD flood illuminator has the high-quality beam control performance required for face recognition, 3D scanning and AR/VR applications:

Finalist: Electronics Industry Awards 2020 (Embedded Solutions Category), hosted by Datateam Business Media and CIE Magazine

· Micro-lens array technology (MLA) for automobiles can be used as an ultra-compact projector. It integrates the image into a miniature optical lens that produces sharp images with brilliant colors:

Innovative Technology Awards 2020, hosted by Vogel AI

The AS3460 digital hearing enhancement companion chip provides excellent noise reduction performance for semi-in-ear and in-ear headphones:

Editor’s Choice Award – China’s Most Competitive Sensor Products in 2019, hosted by China electronic Commerce

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