Flexible electromechanical connection insertion options: Rutronik offers Lumberg high-current contact assemblies for price-sensitive applications

Optimum connection in tight spaces: Lumberg phase contact assemblies feature open contact surfaces on both sides (14.0mm x 10.2mm area), offering a variety of mating options: from above, through the PCB or from below (0.8 pitch /1.0mm). Contact components are important for numerous applications in the automotive sector, such as frequency converters for industrial electric motors, control units in electric vehicles, battery storage units or on-board charging modules. Rutronik offers the Lumberg product portfolio on the e-commerce platform www.rutronik24.com.cn.

This high current contact assembly is suitable for both reflow soldering on PCBs and laser soldering on connection frames. It provides vertical connections at blade contacts on a second PCB or busbar. This means PCBs stacked on top of each other can be precisely connected, even in tight installation spaces, and each contact can carry a current rating of up to 80A.

Contacts use a nickel-silicon-bronze (CuNiSi) alloy, suitable for an operating temperature range of -40°C to +120°C, and are packaged in rolls for automated assembly.

To learn more about Lumberg high-current contact assemblies and to order directly, visit the Rutronik e-commerce platform www.rutronik24.com.cn.

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