Materials aid graphic imaging to resolve paradox in PPAC

“In the golden age of the semiconductor industry, when Gordon Moore was still laying out the roadmap for his company, shrinking planar dimensions brought simultaneous advances in power, performance, and area/cost (PPAC). But over time, Dennard’s law of shrinking plane size was held back from helping power consumption, and materials engineering began to be applied Continue reading

OnRobot Smart Screwdriver Screwdriver for Fast, Easy and Flexible Deployment

OnRobot, the manufacturer of a full line of plug-and-play robotic tools for collaborative applications, today released the Screwdriver, an out-of-the-box smart screw-fastening tool that helps manufacturers automate various assembly processes quickly, easily and flexibly.Many manufacturers want to automate the tedious, unergonomic, and often inconsistent manual screw-tightening process, but it is difficult to integrate and program Continue reading

Another 12-inch production line, Taiji Industrial subsidiary won the bid for the integrated circuit project

A few days ago, Taiji Industry disclosed the progress announcement that its subsidiary Eleven Technology Co., Ltd. jointly won the bid for major projects. On October 17th, Taiji Industry disclosed that Eleven Technology and Zhejiang Engineering Survey and Design Institute Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhejiang Engineering Survey and Design Institute”) agreed on Continue reading

Maxwell 5G Ultra-Wideband Panel Antenna 600-600MHz Coming Soon

Recently, Suzhou Maxwell Communication Technology Co., Ltd., the new 5G ultra-wideband series panel combination antenna AN_Master_001 will be launched soon. Figure 1 shows the appearance of 5G UWB series antenna products This series of products includes four antenna performance combinations: AN_Master_001-1 Ultra Wideband Single Antenna Version (600-6000MHz), AN_Master_001-2 Ultra Wideband Dual Antenna MIMO Version, AN_Master_001-3 Continue reading

Design of Bioelectric Signal Data Acquisition Based on Interface Chip and FPGA Device

“Bioelectrical signals are unstable weak electrical signals sent by living organisms, mainly including ECG, EMG, and EEG signals, which are characterized by weak signals, strong interference and high levels. Therefore, in the multi-parameter measurement of organisms, high is particularly important, which puts forward higher requirements for signal acquisition rate, real-time and accuracy. “ 1 Introduction Continue reading

National Development and Reform Commission: Comprehensively rectify the behavior of state-owned units “mining” and Bitcoin “mining”!

Keyword “mining” China Net, November 16 (Reporter Peng Yao) The National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference on the 16th. Meng Wei, the spokesperson of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that virtual currency “mining” behavior is extremely harmful and will be used in the industry. Centralized “mining”, state-owned units involving “mining” Continue reading